Background Display for today and tomorrow's use

Our new reality. Web meetings. In the beginning.... we set up shop in any area of out house that we wanted. But as time goes by, we realize this new reality is not going away and we need to up our game. Professionalism kicks in. There are a variety of ways to address a professional image.  Let's look at a few items to get us rolling. Personal items,  not the best to be in the background of a web meeting.  Second, distracting items in the background can draw attention and make the meeting less productive. I'll admit, my attention strays to see what those books are, what that item is. The objective must be to get the job done and sign off. Who wants long meetings? I doubt many people put their hands up on that one. So, keep web meetings professional  and on point.  A background display is the easy button. Set it up for web meetings,  a logo  or mantra is your background,  not family pictures or books or miscellaneous items. It helps brand, helps reduce distractions and can transport to live events as needs arise.  We all love our homes, let's keep them for us and not our co-workers and clients.
Product: Adjustable Display Background